SMF 115 data

System Management Facilities (SMF) record type 115 data is generated by MQ for z/OS® statistics data to provide statistics and other information about how your queue manager network is running. This data highlights potential problems in MQ network operation and can help you identify constraints that affect the performance of your applications.

SMF record type 115 data generation

When it sends data to IBM Z® Operational Log and Data Analytics, the Z Common Data Provider System Data Engine collects only a subset of the SMF record type 115 data that is generated by MQ for z/OS. To enable the generation of this data, you must enable the following trace options in MQ for z/OS:
You can display the current trace settings using the following command:
commandPrefix DISPLAY TRACE
You can change the interval that IBM® MQ for z/OS generates SMF 115 data using the STATIME command. For example, the following command sets the interval to 10 minutes:
commandPrefix SET SYSTEM STATIME(10)