Preparing to send data to Humio directly

To stream data to Humio directly, you must create a Humio repository and set a Humio repository ingest token that allows you to send data to a specific repository.

About this task

The following steps are based on the description in Humio documentation. For more information, see the topic Ingest Data into Humio in the Humio documentation.


  1. Log on to your Humio server.
  2. Click +ADD item icon > Choose Repository to create a repository.
  3. Create your Ingest Token by using one of the following methods.
    1. Settings > Ingest > API Tokens > Copy API default Token
    2. Settings > Ingest > API Tokens > New Token > Copy your Token


The Humio repository and ingest token are created. Take note of the token value for creating policies in the Z Common Data Provider Configuration Tool.