SMF80_OMVS_RES record types

SMF record type 80 records for events 28 - 30 are created when the following z/OS® UNIX operations occur: directory search, check access to directory, or check access to file. Relevant fields from these SMF event records are stored in the SMF80_OMVS_RES_1 and SMF80_OMVS_RES_2 records that are created by the System Data Engine.

Table 1 describes the event code qualifiers for events 28 - 30, which provide more information about the operation results.

Table 1. SMF80_OMVS_RES_1 and SMF80_OMVS_RES_2 record types: event code qualifiers for events 28 - 30
Event code qualifier Description
0 Access allowed
1 Not authorized to search directory
2 Security label failure