Missing data or configuration errors after you upgrade to IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics

After you upgrade to IBM Z® Operational Log and Data Analytics, data is missing from a subscriber or other configuration errors occur.


One of the following sets of symptoms is present:
  • Log files are not received at the subscriber.
  • Duplicate or obsolete data streams are in the Configuration Tool.
  • Missing definitions for SMF data.
  • Missing selections for log files.


The cause might be one of the following problems:
  • Obsolete Configuration Tool files
  • An old configuration tool plug-in
  • Incorrect data set names


Complete the following steps:
  1. Ensure that the z/OSMF Configuration Tool plug-in is migrated to 5.1. If the plug-in is an old version, refer to the topics below to remove the plug-in and import the 5.1 plug-in.
    1. Uninstalling the Configuration Tool from z/OSMF
    2. Installing the Configuration Tool on z/OSMF
    Note: This is not applicable if you use the Liberty server Configuration Tool.
  2. Check the Configuration Tool working directory for files ending in 'streams.json' and ensure that old ones are deleted. In general, delete any streams.json file beginning with GLA* that does not contain custom data. Ensure that the working directory contains the IBM® supplied streams.json file. The default installation location for the files is /usr/lpp/IBM/zoa/v5r1m0/zcdp/ZLDA,
    • cdp-starter-sets.streams.json
    • dcollect.streams.json
    • ims.streams.json
    • log-forwarder.streams.json
    • sde.streams.json
    • zlda.enable.json
    • zlda.protocols.json
    • zlda.streams.json
  3. Check the data sets specified in System Data Engine configuration and ensure that they contain the V5R1M0 SMF definitions.
    SDE config