NetView Netlog data

This reference lists the configuration values that you can update for NetView® Netlog data collection in stream mode.

Configuration values that you can update

Data source
You can define the specific data source that you want to collect in the Add/Edit data resource window. In this case, select NetView log.
Data source type
A value that the subscriber can use to uniquely identify the type and format of the streamed data. To collect NetView Netlog data, enter zOS-NetView.
Data source name
The name that uniquely identifies the data source to subscribers.
Tip: If you use the Auto-Qualify field in the system configuration to fully qualify the data source name, this dataSourceName value is automatically updated with the fully qualified data source name. For more information about the values that you can select in the Auto-Qualify field, see System configuration.
Domain name
The name of the NetView domain from which to gather data.
Important: If you define multiple NetView Netlog data streams, do not define the same NetView domain name for multiple streams. Each stream must reference a unique domain name.
File Path
A unique identifier that represents the data origin.
Topic name
Defines the topic name for NetView Netlog data. The default value is IBM-CDP-DASHBOARDS-{dataSourceType}, of which, dataSourceType will be parsed to the data source type: zOS-NetView.
Output format
The output format of NetView Netlog data collection. The value can be key-value or csv. The default value is csv.