Using command aliases

You can use command aliases to interact with Z ChatOps.

Before you begin

To use command aliases, you must configure aliases first. See Configuring aliases for more information.


You can type a commands alias directly or use it in combination with other positional arguments or options. For example, if you create an alias named ws for the command workstation list status --en IZWS using the following command:

ws: workstation list status '$1' --en IZWS
To use the aliases, complete the following steps.

  1. To check whether the alias ws has been added, run the command @bnz alias to list to available aliases.
  2. To get the details of workstation ALTW on engine IZWS, run alias @bnz ws ALTW to execute command @bnz workstation list status 'ALTW' --en IZWS.
    Figure 1. Using command aliases example
    Using command aliases