Standard features

The compiler fully supports the following language standards:
  • Standard C++
  • C++98
  • C99
  • C89
Besides these standards, the compiler also supports the following C11 and C++11 features:
C11 features
  • Alignment
  • Anonymous structures
  • Anonymous unions
  • Static assertions
  • _Bool bitfields
  • The _Noreturn function specifier
C++11 features
  • Auto type deduction
  • C99 long long
  • C99 preprocessor features adopted in C++11
  • Decltype
  • Defaulted and deleted functions
  • Delegating constructors
  • Explicit conversion operators
  • Explicit instantiation declarations
  • Extended friend declarations
  • Forward declaration of enumerations
  • Generalized constant expressions
  • Inline namespace definitions
  • nullptr
  • Reference collapsing
  • Right angle brackets
  • Rvalue references
  • Scoped enumerations
  • static_assert
  • Trailing comma allowed in enum declarations
  • Trailing return type
  • Variadic templates

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