XL C compiler filesets

This topic lists the XL C compiler filesets V16.1.

Note: The XL C compiler fileset names are xlccmp.16.1.0.*.
Table 1. XL C compiler filesets and default installation locations
Fileset name Fileset description Default installation locations
xlccmp.16.1.0 XL C compiler


xlccmp.16.1.0.bundle XL C media defined bundles /usr/sys/inst.data/sys_bundles/
xlccmp.16.1.0.lib XL C libraries for AIX® 7.1, and AIX 7.2 /opt/IBM/xlc/16.1.0/lib/
xlccmp.16.1.0.license XL C license files /opt/IBM/xlc/16.1.0/
xlccmp.16.1.0.ndi XL C nondefault installation script /opt/IBM/xlc/16.1.0/bin
Note: All of the filesets required for the XL C compiler, except xlccmp.16.1.0.ndi, are also required for the XL C/C++ compiler.
Tip: For an overview of the installation process, see Installation workflow diagram.

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