Object code control

@PROCESS directive



Indicates to the compiler whether it must generate threadsafe code.


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-qthreaded is the default for the xlf_r, , xlf90_r, , xlf95_r, and xlf2003_r commands.


Specifying the -qthreaded option implies -qdirective=ibmt, and by default, the trigger_constant IBMT is recognized.

The -qthreaded option does not imply the -qnosave option. The -qnosave option specifies a default storage class of automatic for user local variables. In general, both of these options need to be used to generate thread-safe code. Specifying these options ensures that variables and code created by the compiler are threadsafe; it does not guarantee the thread safety of user-written code.

If you use the ENTRY statement to have an alternate entry point for a subprogram and the xlf_r command to compile, also specify the -qxlf77=nopersistent option to be thread-safe. You should implement the appropriate locking mechanisms, as well.