TTS question intonation

This topic details how to write questions so that the TTS engine pronounces them with the proper intonation.

To avoid ambiguous intonations from the TTS engine when developing your application, write questions using a yes-no or wh-type question format. Wh-type questions ask for who-what-when-where and why information, and are the most common in the English language. The yes-no type format asks direct questions requiring only an affirmative or negative response from the user. These types of questions like, "What is your PIN?" and "Do you want to cancel the transaction?" are understood and read with the appropriate intonation by the TTS engine.

However, some yes-no questions differ from a declarative sentence only by intonation. For example, the rising pitch at the end of "You requested a fund transfer?" indicates that it is a question and not the declarative statement, "You requested a fund transfer." Reword this sentence and replace it with the less ambiguous, "Did you request a fund transfer?" to avoid questions being read as declarative statements by the TTS engine.