REST Service Endpoint

A REST Service Endpoint is an endpoint which services a set of REST resources.

The URI for REST Service Endpoints entities is:
The following table describes the properties and relationships that are defined for a REST Service Endpoint:
Table 1. Properties
Displayed property name Actual property name Description Type
Base URL rest80_baseURL The base URL is the stem of the URL for all REST interactions fronted by the REST Service Endpoint. For example, there might be a set of resources associated with a library. In this example they are books, authors and borrowers. Each represent a particular resource type on which actions and queries can be performed. These can be accessed via the REST URLs http://myServer:9080/RESTServices/library/books, http://myServer:9080/RESTServices/library/authors, http://myServer:9080/RESTServices/library/borrowers. As can be seen, all of the resources are handled by one server, so the base URL for the REST Service Endpoint in this example would be http://myServer:9080/RESTServices/library/. String