Setting up credentials for Fix Central

To have WebSphere Automation fetch and install security fixes, you must configure WebSphere Automation with credentials to access IBM Fix Central.

Before you begin

You must have cluster administrator privileges on the cluster where WebSphere Automation is installed.


  1. Log in to the cluster where WebSphere Automation is installed by using an account with cluster administrator privileges.
  2. Ensure that you are in the namespace where WebSphere Automation is installed.
  3. You can use a single command or edit and apply the fixcentral-secret.yaml file.
    • To use the single command, run the following command.
      oc create secret generic wsa-secure-fixcentral-creds \
         --from-literal=user=<FIX_CENTRAL_USERNAME> \
    • To use the fixcentral-secret.yaml file, edit the file with the username and password for the IBM Fix Central account. The password and user data must be base64-encoded.
      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Secret
        name: wsa-secure-fixcentral-creds
      type: Opaque
        password: <FIX_CENTRAL_PASSWORD>
        user: <FIX_CENTRAL_USERNAME>

      Run the command that applies your Fix Central credentials to WebSphere Automation.

      oc apply -f fixcentral-secret.yaml