As a marketer, your goal is to make sure you're appealing to customers based on who they are. With Acoustic Personalization, we've got you covered. We know that you need to appeal to the right audience, with the right website personalization, at the exact moment a potential customer needs it.

You're ready to bring customer engagement to the next level. We're here to help you interact with your customers at key points in their paths to make purchases by personalizing each step of their journey. Each customer on your site can have a personalized shopping experience, tailored to them, based on business rules you implement, such as using zones to personalize specific areas of your website, segments to make sure you're reaching the right customers, and even creating A/B tests, to make sure that you're using the best possible content on your site. By optimizing each interaction, you're creating more relevant experiences that build greater value and brand loyalty, which further increases engagement and drives sales.

Personalization of the channel by using Acoustic Personalization involves the following broad-level steps:
  1. Configure the channel to implement the Acoustic Personalization solution.
  2. Acoustic Personalization users create the personalization and define the rules by using the Acoustic Personalization rule builder.
  3. Publish the personalized content to the customer’s channel.

Configuring the channel to implement Acoustic Personalization

Before you use Acoustic Personalization, you need to set up your channel by configuring the online engine, analytics library (such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics), and Acoustic Exchange. Configure the zones where you want to show the personalized content.

Defining the rules and creating the personalized content

During the design phase, brainstorm about what kind of interactive marketing strategies you would like to use. After you plan where you want to show the personalized content and to whom, you can use Acoustic Personalization to implement your marketing strategy.

Publishing the rules

After you define the rules that use rule builder, you can publish them. Based on the user behavior, the rules are evaluated to display the relevant personalized content on your channel.