Activating server support for the Dynamic Workload Console

To set up the required server environment, customize the INIT and SERVOPTS initialization statements. For example:
         USERMAP (USERS)
         PROTOCOL (TCP)
         PORTNUMBER (425)
         CODEPAGE (IBM-037)

You can start the server by using the z/OSĀ® START command, or you can have the controller start and stop the server automatically. In the latter case, include the servers (srv1, srv2, ...) on the OPCOPTS statement in the IBM Z Workload Scheduler parameter library. The server with TCP/IP support requires access to the C language runtime library (either as STEPLIB or as LINKLIST). If you have multiple TCP/IP stacks, or a TCP/IP started task with a name different from TCPIP, then a SYSTCPD DD card is required pointing to a TCP/IP data set containing the TCPIPJOBNAME parameter.

You always have to define OMVS segments for IBM Z Workload Scheduler server started tasks.