Tivoli Common Reporting reports

This topic provides an overview of Tivoli Common Reporting, as available within the Dynamic Workload Console.

Start of changeTivoli Common Reporting is an optional integration service of Jazz for Service Management, which is installed with WebSphere Application Server. Tivoli Common Reporting provides a web user interface functioning as a portal for IBM Cognos and allows you to administer, run, customize, and create IBM Workload Scheduler reports on IBM® DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases in a distributed environment, and on IBM DB2 databases in a z/OS® environment. It provides web-based, launch-in-context report administration and editing.End of change

IBM Workload Scheduler provides some packages to get you started with Tivoli Common Reporting. You can use the sample reports as starting points for creating your own custom reports and optionally tailoring them to your environment. For example, you can define dynamic parameters to make your reports more flexible. You can use the historical reports as they are provided to extract information from the database.

Before you can generate reports with Tivoli Common Reporting, you need to perform the following steps:
  1. Configuring Tivoli Common Reporting
  2. Importing IBM Workload Scheduler reports