Download and configure the elastic distributed inference (dlim) command line tool

Use elastic distributed inference from the command line interface using the dlim command.

The dlim command lists the inference services and provides details, creates and removes inference services, starts and stops inference services and lists available runtime environments.

To use the dlim command, you must do the following:
  1. Log in to the WML Accelerator console.
  2. Download the elastic distributed inference CLI tool. Navigate to Help > Command Line Toolsto download the dlim tool
  3. Add dlim to PATH, for example:
    where /usr/local/bin/dlim is the location of the dlim tool.
  4. Configure dlim.
    dlim config -c https://wmla-console/dlim/v1/
    where wmla-console is the location of your WML Accelerator console.
    For example:
    dlim config -c
  5. Save your token for inference.
    dlim config -t -u username -x password
    where username and password are your log in credentials.
  6. To see what sub commands are available with the dlim command, run the dlim --help command:
    dlim --help


Log in to see available deployed models:
dlim config -c
dlim config -s -u admin -x password
dlim model list
Return the inference service token:
dlim config -s [ -u username -x password]