To uninstall IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator, remove all components that make up the product.


  1. If elastic distributed inference is installed, uninstall the elastic distributed inference package: Uninstalling the elastic distributed inference package
  2. Uninstall IBM Spectrum Conductorâ„¢ Deep Learning Impact: Uninstalling IBM Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact
  3. Uninstall IBM Spectrum Conductor packages:
    1. Run the uninstallation scripts. For details, see Uninstalling all packages installed with IBM Spectrum Conductor.
    2. To remove the individual egojre package, run rpm -e --dbpath dbpath_location egojre- For details, see Uninstalling individual packages installed with IBM Spectrum Conductor.
  4. Uninstall all WML CE frameworks by removing Anaconda:
    #Remove anaconda distribution
    sudo rm -rf ${DLI_CONDA_HOME}