Creating metadata objects for the WML for z/OS repository service

The WML for z/OS repository service provides important metadata about models. The service stores the metadata in database tables. You must create WMLz metadata tables and associated database objects in Db2® for z/OS before you start the WMLz repository service.

Before you begin


  1. Create the required database objects in Db2 for z/OS.

    The WML for z/OS repository service uses Db2 for z/OS for storing metadata tables. You must create these metadata tables before starting the repository service.

    Run the script in the $IML_INSTALL_DIR/alnsamp directory. Specify the -n option as shown in the following example:

    ./ -n

    The script generates sample JCL files ALNWMETA and ALNWMETA.037. The content of the files is the same but as their names indicate, their encoding is different, with the former in ASCII and the latter in IBM-037. Both files are stored in the $IML_HOME/alnsamp directory.

  2. Locate the ALNWMETA.037 file in the $IML_HOME/alnsamp directory.
  3. Move the ALNWMETA.037 file into a PS data set.
  4. Follow the instructions in the file to customize the sample job.
  5. Submit the customized ALNWMETA.037 job to create the required database objects, including a database, table spaces, tables, and indexes.
  6. Verify that the job runs successfully (with a return code of 0).