Developing applications with your choice of IDE

The Code component of IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces enables the development of COBOL, PL/I, High-Level Assembler (HLASM), REXX programs through the use of an industry-standard integrated development environment (IDE). The Code component offers essential developer capabilities that include edit, build, and debug across different IDE options. You can also get the interactive access to z/OS systems with the Code component. It also integrates with modern SCMs, for example, Git. By using the Code component, developers unfamiliar with z/OS and IBM Z mainframe can get up to speed quickly and become productive in developing and delivering applications.

These IDE options are available to you:

  • Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, realized by IBM Wazi Developer for Workspaces
  • Microsoft VS Code, realized by IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code
  • Eclipse, realized by IBM Wazi Developer for Eclipse