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Running Dependency Based User Builds from IBM Wazi for Eclipse or IBM Developer for z/OS

In this tutorial, you can find instructions on how to run dependency based user builds from IBM Developer for z/OS. For more information, see Starting a User Build External link icon

To run a Dependency Based User Build, complete the following steps:

  1. In the z/OS Projects perspective, click the project and select Dependency Based Build > Generate Property Group.

    For this exercise, select Local COBOL Settings and click Finish.

  2. Right-click SAM1.cbl in the z/OS Projects perspective, or in the editor, and select Dependency Based Build and then Configure User Build. A wizard comes up to help configure the DBB User Build run.

  3. Complete the Configure User Build Operation page, and then click Next.

    1. Select the zOS system.
    2. Select the build script.
    3. Browse the remote system /u/ibmuser/projects/dbb-zappbuild/build.groovy.
    4. Enter the build sandbox folder /u/ibmuser/projects.
    5. Enter the build destination HLQ IBMUSER.SAMPLE.
  4. In the CFile Attributes page, use the default options, and then click Next.

  5. In the Log File page, use the default options, and then click Next.

  6. Specify additional parameters in the Script Parameters page, and then click Next.

    • Add a Dependency Based Build command
      • Option: --application
      • Value: zopeneditor-sample
  7. In the Additional File to Load page, expand the project zopeneditor-sample, and select the application-conf folder. And then, click Next.

  8. View the summary of User Build Operation, and then click Finish.

    1. If SAM1.cbl already exists, select the option Overwrite and click OK.
    2. If resources already exist, click Overwrite All.
    3. Overwrite the temporary logs for previous builds, click OK.
    4. DBB User Build Information is displayed, click OK.
    5. You can see the following information in the console log:
      • Build State: CLEAN
      • Total files processed: 1