Setting up the ibm-lh command-line utility

The ibm-lh command-line utility provides a terminal interface for issuing the IBM® component management and ingestion commands from a client system upon which the CLI utility is installed. Developer edition on Red Hat® OpenShift® SaaS on AWS

Before you begin

The ibm-lh command-line utility is included in the ibm-lh-client package. Ensure that ibm-lh-client is installed on your system. For more information, see Installing ibm-lh-client package.

About this task

The ibm-lh command-line client utility communicates with the Presto server over an SSL connection. To facilitate SSL communication, you must import the SSL certificate into the utility's truststore and configure the ibm-lh utility.


To set up ibm-lh command-line utility, complete the following steps:

  1. Add the username and password for authentication.
    connect-lh --op=add \
    --name=<alias> \
    --host=<host> \
    --port=<port> \
    --username=<username> \
    For more information, see connect-lh.
  2. Add the SSL certificate to your host and port.
    ./cert-mgmt --op=add --host=<hostname> --port=<port>
    Note: If you are connecting to IBM on IBM Cloud, you can skip this step.
    For more information, see cert-mgmt.
  3. Configure connectivity to

    IBM developer edition Run the following command:

    ./ibm-lh config add_dev --name <instance_name> --host <hostname> --port <port>

    IBM stand-alone Run the following command:

    ./ibm-lh config add_cpd --name <instance_name> --host <hostname> --port <port>
    IBM on Cloud Pak for Data Run the following command:
    ./ibm-lh config add_cpd --name <instance_name> --host <hostname> --port <port>
    IBM on IBM Cloud Run the following command:
    ./ibm-lh config add_saas --name <instance_name> --crn <crn> --host <hostname> --port <port>
    where, crn is the CRN of your instance on IBM Cloud.