Product overview

The IBM® Watson™ IoT Platform solution provides a set of IBM Cloud services as a single IBM-managed SaaS offering that enables you to collect and analyze relevant product performance and usage data for your IoT enabled assets. 

For more information about the offering, including the latest news, videos, demos, and other useful resources, visit the Watson IoT Platform page in IBM® Marketplace.

Solution features

The following key features are included with the Watson IoT Platform solution:

Solution plans

Depending on your organization’s needs, you can subscribe your solution to the following asset groups:

Non-production environments

If you want to explore Watson IoT Platform and see how the service could fit into your IoT environment, each of the solution plans can be set up as a non-production environment. A non-production environment is not intended for production level data traffic and has the following limitations:

Plan Number of devices Data per month
Sensor 1,000 560 MB
Consumer 500 560 MB
Enterprise 50 560 MB
Industrial 3 560 MB

A non-production environment includes the same services as an Watson IoT Platform production environment.

Important: A non-production environment plan cannot be converted to a regular plan. To go from a non-production to a production environment, you must set up a new solution plan.