Device registry

The Device Registry is the most important part of any IoT solution. With the registry, you can manage your device types and manage, maintain, and monitor the devices that you register.

For more information about the device model behind the registry, see Device Model.

Registering your first device

Registering a device involves classifying the device as a device type, giving the device a name, and providing device information. Then, you provide a connection token or accept a token that is generated by Platform Service.

You can add devices one at a time from the Platform Service dashboard, or you can use the Platform Service API to add one or more devices at a time.

To add a device from the Platform Service dashboard:

  1. On the IBM Cloud console, select IoT from the menu and click the IBM Watson IoT Platform link.
  2. Log in or click Sign up to Create.
  3. On the IBM Watson IoT Platform page, choose a region, organization, and space and click Create.
  4. On the service page, click Launch to start administering your IBM Watson IoT Platform organization.
    The IBM Watson IoT Platform web console opens in a new browser tab at the following URL:
    https://<org_id> Where org_id is the ID of your IBM Watson IoT Platform organization.
  5. In the Overview dashboard, from the menu pane, select Devices and then click Add Device.
  6. Select or create a device type for the device that you are adding.
    Each device that is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform must be associated with a device type. Device types are groups of devices that share common characteristics.
    When you add your first device to your IBM Watson IoT Platform organization, no device types are available in the Device type menu. You must first create a device type:
    1. Click Create device type.
    2. Enter a device type name such as my_device_type and a description for the device type.
      Important: The device type name must be no more than 36 characters and can contain only:
      • Alpha-numeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9)
      • Hyphens (-)
      • Underscores (_)
      • Periods (.)
      Analytics Service does not support periods (.) in asset type names.
    3. Optional: Enter device type attributes and metadata.
      Tip: You can add and edit attributes and metadata later.
    4. Click Create to add the new device type.
  7. Click Next to begin the process of adding your device with the selected device type.
  8. Enter a device ID such as my_first_device.
    The device ID is used to identify the device in the IBM Watson IoT Platform dashboard and is also a required parameter for connecting your device to IBM Watson IoT Platform.
    Important: The device ID must be no more than 36 characters and can contain only: Tip: For network connected devices, the device ID could, for example, be the device MAC address without any separating colons.
  9. Optional: Click Additional fields to add device information, such as serial number, manufacturer, and model.
    Tip: You can add and edit this information later.
  10. Optional: Enter device JSON metadata.
    Enter device information in the standard device information fields, or use the Add Metadata option to import a JSON file with your custom device metadata. If your plan includes Analytics Service, JSON meta data can be used to create asset dimensions. For more information, see Adding dimensions.
    Tip: You can add and edit device metadata later.
  11. Click Next to complete the addition of your device.
  12. Verify that the summary information is correct and then click Add to add the connection.
    Tip: You can accept an automatically generated authentication token or to provide an authentication token yourself.
    Important: The token must not contain repeated character sequences, dictionary words, user names, or other predefined sequences. If you choose to create your own token, make sure that the length is in the range 8 - 36 characters and that it consists only of alpha-numerical characters and the following special characters:
  13. In the device information page, copy and save the following device information:

You have now registered your device. Continue with configuring it to connect to IBM Watson IoT Platform.