XML Tabs

The Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool displays two tabs when working with XML elements.

The XML tab enables you to view or edit the complete XML associated with any component that is provided with Watson Explorer Engine or which you have created.

The Component tab enables you to display and edit a variety of information about that component. Figure 1 shows the component tab for an existing XML element.

Figure 1. The Component Tab for an Existing XML Element

The information that is available on the Component tab is divided into multiple sections, not all of which are displayed for all types of XML components. Sections that may be displayed on this tab are the following:

  • ComponentAttributes: Clicking this header displays all of the attributes that are currently associated with this component. Clicking edit displays a form that enables you to set attributes such as Type, Customers for whom this component is intended, the Release Type with which this component is associated, and various attributes that are specific to different types of components and component testing. The form also displays the last time the Component has been edited and by whom it was edited. Neither one of these last two fields can be changed manually.
  • Prototype: The Prototype section is split into three subsections:
    • Label and Description: enables you to associate a text label and a more versbose description of the current component.
    • Availability: clicking edit enables you to set or display the Watson Explorer Engine versions for which the current component is Available, Unavailable, and Deprecated.
    • Declarations: Enables you to specify variables that can be used by other components to pass arguments to the component that is being edited. Clicking the modify link opens this section, displaying a field that enables you to create a new declaration and a form that enables you to edit any existing declaration that is already associated with this component. Once you are done creating or editing declarations, click the close link to collapse the display for this section.
  • Free XML: This section displays the XML code that makes upn the body of the component that you are editing or viewing.

The next section provides an XML tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with editing XML Components.