Domain Adaptation Curator

Applies to version 12.0.1 and subsequent versions unless specifically overridden The Domain Adaptation Curator lets you create new facets from a collection. You can then use these new facets when analyzing your collection.

Note: You must have enabled Domain Adaptation Curator when creating the collection in order to use this feature.

After you click Domain Adaptation Curator (Domain Adaptation Curator), the Domain Adaptation Curator pane is displayed, as shown below.

Domain Adaptation Curator

To create a facet association for a word, click the add marker drop-down list next to the word. You can now associate this word with an existing facet or create a new facet. If you create a new facet, you can now apply this facet to other words in the collection. After you have completed this process, click Update Dictionaries and Collection to open the Update Dictionaries dialog. You can add the new facets to the dictionary. Click Save to save the dictionary and then click Update Collection to update the collection. The collection will now be indexed and you will have to return to the Collections page of Watson™ Explorer Content Miner and reopen the collection to continue your analysis.

You can click the Words/Phrases Suggestions tab to view a list of suggested words and phrases. You can create facets for these in the same fashion as when you manually choose words.

On the Words/Phrases in Analysis Context tab, click Manage Open Facets (Suggestion Settings) to manage facet markers and their associations to facet dictionaries.

On the Words/Phrases Suggestions tab, click Suggestion Settings (Manage Open Facets) to view the suggestion settings. You can edit the settings by checking Edit (advanced). A JSON file opens for editing. The contents of this file are described below.

[                                       // A list of configuration
  {                                         // Correlation type
    "type": "correlation",                      // Suggestion type (='correlation')
    "name": "Highly correlated - General Noun", // Name (string)
    "description": "",
    "max": 5,                                   // Max suggestion (number)
    "enabled": true,                            // Enable/Disable (true|false)
    "maxSeeds": 3,                              // Number of seed words used in automatic suggestion
    "params": {
      "facet": "annotation._word.noun.general", // Facet type (string)
      "threshold": 2.5,                         // Suggestion threshold (number)
  {                                         // Ontolection type
    "type": "ontolection",                        // Suggestion type (='ontolection')
    "name": "Related words - Current collection", // Name (string)
    "description": "",
    "max": 5,                                     // Max suggestion (number)
    "enabled": false,                             // Enable/Disable (true|false)
    "maxSeeds": 3,                                // Number of seed words used in automatic suggestion
    "params": {
      "sourceType": "collection",                 // Always 'collection'
      "source": null                              // Always 'null'