SAP KM Connector (deprecated)

Deprecated. See Foundational Components release notes for more information about deprecated features and what that means.

This guide describes how to install and use the Watson™ Explorer Engine SAP KM connector. The SAP KM connector enables Watson Explorer Engine applications to crawl SAP KM repositories and index the information that they contain.

The SAP KM Connector is designed for crawling SAP KM installations, versions 7.0 and higher.

This document is intended for use by systems administrators tasked with installing and configuring the SAP KM connector and crawling SAP KM repositories. Other key audience members include IT management and personnel generally responsible for the maintenance of SAP KM, Watson Explorer Engine, and Watson Explorer Application Builder applications.

A working knowledge of Watson Explorer Engine and a basic understanding of Watson Explorer Engine administration and configuration is required to follow along in this guide. A similar background in SAP KM administration is assumed.