Application Builder Security Overview

This section provides a general overview of the OneDrive for Business connector security model that is available in the Application Builder foundational component.

Note: Using any of the OneDrive for Business features is only supported for version 6.0.0 and later.
To use the Application Builder foundational component with a OneDrive for Business collection that includes group rights, you will need to configure a security script in the Application Builder administration tool. Application Builder invokes the security rights function in the OneDrive for Business connector through use of the settings in this script.
Note: Configuring the security script requires knowledge of several variable settings from your OneDrive for Business installation. Descriptions for those settings are provided as comments in the Application Builder security script. These configurable settings enable the Application Builder security script to invoke the security rights function from the OneDrive for Business connector by generally providing the location of your OneDrive for Business server and the authentication credentials needed to access it.