Adding Application Builder Security

This section describes how to use Application Builder security with the OneDrive for Business connector.

About this task

Note: This section assumes you have already configured a security collection for your OneDrive for Business search collection. Additionally, it is assumed that you have successfully created an entity in the Application Builder administration tool and have established connectivity between that entity and your OneDrive for Business search collection.
Note: The rights script provided enables Application Builder security with typical deployments of this repository. Other than modifying default settings, if you need to customize the script, it is suggested that you engage with Lab Services.

To configure Application Builder to use the security rights function of your OneDrive for Business search collection, do the following:


  1. In the Application Builder administration tool, navigate to the entity that is associated with your OneDrive for Business search collection.
  2. Click Configure entity.
  3. In the Security options section, set the Configure access rights toggle option to on.
  4. In the Connector rights file dropdown menu, select the OneDrive for Business connector from the list of available connectors.
  5. For the Rights code text box: to modify the provided code sample for your OneDrive for Business installation. Comments in the script describe the settings that are required to be set.
    1. On your system, open the file ENGINE-INSTALL-DIR\data\repository-supplements\script-collection.appbuilder-security-connector-io-sharepoint.xml
    2. Copy the code inside the <script lang="ruby" name="onedriveforbusiness-rights"> tag
    3. Paste that code into the Rights code text box
  6. In the Specify field(s) required to access entity box, enter the name of a field on the OneDrive for Business document for which a user must have access to view the entire document. This is required for secure collaboration.
  7. Click Save entity.

What to do next

Test your application with various user credentials to confirm that documents are being returned appropriately by Application Builder.