Intermediate Tutorials

Intermediate tutorials cover slightly more advanced topics and features, providing a Watson™ Explorer Engine application developer with the core knowledge that is necessary to develop a Watson Explorer Engine application.

Table 1. Intermediate Tutorials




User Interface - XML Editing (II)

Advanced customizations of the user interface using XSL:

  • XSL components
  • XSL templates
  • XSL variables and parameters
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and XSL
  • User Interface (I)

Meta-Search Sources (II)

More details on how to create and debug parsers:

  • XSL vs. Regular Expression parsers
  • Using the debugging output
  • Using templates vs. writing parsers from scratch
  • Tips and tricks
  • Meta-Search Sources (I)
  • Knowledge of XSL or Regular Expressions

Meta-Search Sources (III)

Advanced form configuration:

  • Useful tools for configuring a form
  • Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT
  • Searching in fields: host, title, authors, etc. or user-defined
  • "select" tags
  • Login and logout
  • Headers, encoding, and delimiters
  • Meta-Search Sources (I)
  • Meta-Search Sources (II)
  • Syntax (I)

Meta-Search Sources (IV)

Managing sources more efficiently:
  • Source bundles
  • Source templates and references
  • Source variables (i.e. user-defined username and password for certain sources).
  • Projects (I)

Combining Content/Virtual Documents

Creating virtual documents by combining crawled data and metadata:

  • Crawling a site
  • Extracting metadata
  • Adding content to a document

  • Search Engine (I)
  • Extracting and Using Metadata

Using Refinements

Using refinements to simplify result selection:

  • Configuring refinements in the search collection
  • Configuring refinements in the source
  • Configuring graphical or tree refinements
  • Adding a refinements display
  • Working with refinements in a search application

Using Refinements

Using boosting and spotlighting to prioritize and highlight selected results

  • Adding results to a boost node
  • Preserving boosted node attributes
  • Conditional boosting
  • Preserving other elements
  • Adding spotlighting to a display
  • Creating basic spotlights in a display
  • Creating advanced spotlights in a display
  • Extracting and Using Metadata

Adding Autocomplete to a Search Application

Add autocomplete suggestions to search applications to help improve users' queries

  • Creating an autocomplete dictionary from an existing collection
  • Creating an autocomplete dictionary from a text file
  • Creating filters to exclude selected terms from suggestions
  • Integrating autocomplete dictionaries into your applications
  • Extracting and Using Metadata

Creating Keymatch Sources

Creating specialized results based on query contents:

  • Creating key match sources
  • Creating document entries
  • Creating spelling correction entries
  • Adding custom HTML
  • User Interface (I)
  • Search Engine (I)
  • Meta-Search Sources (IV)


Changing the search forms and understanding how the user input is processed and converted:

  • Using and modifying multiple input forms
  • Fields
  • Operators
  • Projects (I)
  • Understanding of HTML forms

Watson Explorer Engine Reporting

Creating and using Watson Explorer Engine reports:

  • Creating system reports
  • Creating application reports
  • Activating report data collection
  • Running reports
  • Exporting report results
  • Scheduling automated reports
  • Projects (I)
  • Extracting and Using Metadata