Administration Tool Menu

Located along the left side of the admin tool are the most important types of Watson™ Explorer Engine components. They may be accessed in a variety of ways.

If you click the Add icon () next to the topmost Projects link, you will be taken to a New Project screen. Note that the left menu bar remains as a navigational tool regardless of what screen appears on the right.

Clicking the List icon () next to the Projects link, you are taken to a list of all projects. Note that there are already projects in your Watson Explorer Engine install; these are tutorial projects, as well as the default master project, query-meta.

In the left-hand menu bar is also a quick jump search box, which will search through projects, search collections, and other components including documentation that is currently available in that install. Use this for faster navigation as your application grows more complex.

Additionally, there is a link to the current active project. By default, this is query-meta, but as you begin working on other projects for your application, this link will reflect what you are working in and help you get to that project's configuration screen quickly and easily.

Finally, at the bottom left are a series of dynamically updated quick links based on what you have been working on recently. By default it points to the default Watson Explorer Engine project, called query-meta. These links help you navigate your projects more effectively, since quite often you will be going back and forth between different components within your big data application.