Administration Configuration Screen and Conventions

On the right side of the screen is the workspace for the big data application components. This changes as you navigation through the Watson™ Explorer Engine application, but there are a number of conventions used throughout.

Navigate to the query-meta project by clicking on the List icon () next to Projects in the left menu. This brings up a list of all projects on the right, so click on the query-meta link to be taken to that project's configuration screen.

Notice that the top of the screen is clearly labeled as Project query-meta to help you identify what component you are looking at. Under this heading is a series of tabs, each containing a new screen of options for that component.

Figure 1. An Example Watson Explorer Engine Project Screen

The list of values and attributes within a screen provide a graphical view of XML settings within your application. Notice that the attributes are links; if you were to click on, for instance, the example-source-bundle, you would be taken to a screen to re-configure that source. If you followed that link, you could, of course, always return to this main list by clicking on the Project query-meta link in the Return to section.

To change an attribute, click the Edit button to the right of that attribute or block of attributes. This expands the view of your list so that new options are revealed, and provides a series of buttons (such as an OK button and a Cancel button) to return you to the main view. For application developers who prefer editing raw XML, there is also a link to view the underlying XML code associated with that attribute.

Figure 2. Editing Attributes of a Project

In the event that you are not clear on what an attribute refers to or what it affects, you may find it helpful to refer to the tooltips on the far right.