Debugging Scheduled Source Test Failures

About this task

When viewing the results of scheduled source tests, you hope to see the name of each test listed in light green, indicating that they ran successfully. Unfortunately, in some cases you may see a screen like the one shown in Figure 1, where some tests are shown in pink, which indicates that they did not complete within the constraints that you set for the test.

Figure 1. Successful and Failed Tests

The most common causes of test failures when you are first scheduling tests is that the query service may not actually be running on all of the hosts associated with your remote client or remote server, or that the host names, ports, or collection names that you specified were incorrect. To try to resolve these problems:


  1. Connect to the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool on each server and make sure that the Query Service is running. (Select the management link, click Services in the menu at left, and select Search Engine.) If this screen displays a link labeled start the query service, the query service is not running - click this link to start it. Once the query service has started, return to the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool running on the system where you are configuring your distributed index, and refresh the Source Testing screen to see if the other test are succeeding.
  2. If the tests are still failing, double-check the collection name, host name, and port number setting that you made in the VSE test source for each server to make sure that you have specified these correctly. See Testing Each Source for information on testing specific sources.