Configuring MDM Connector Group Rights

The MDM connector's group rights function maps a user's groups to his or her permissions in MDM SE using the specified MDM SE Security collection. You can configure the following options for this function:
  • IBM MDM SE Group Rights Collection - The name of the MDM SE Security search collection.
  • Query Service URL - URL of the query service serving the Document Users collection (for example If not specified, the local query service is used.
  • Maximum Groups Returned - The maximum number of documents returned by the query service. This number should be higher than the maximum number of groups (used by the MDM server) that any MDM user belongs to.
  • User Groups - The names of the groups passed to the collection to retrieve the associated rights. If not specified, the value of $ will be used. Each group name should be on its own line. Generally, this setting should only be used for testing the security of a collection.