WebCenter Content Configuration Considerations

  • API Limitations - External users in 11g are only supported when using the dID-based late binding proxy. A users crawl will not pick up external users due to WebCenter Content API limitations.
  • Crawl Filters and Continuous Update Mode - When using filters with Continuous Update mode refreshes, updates to a content which make the content fall outside of the crawl scope defined by the filters, assuming the content was within that scope before the change, will not be detected by a Continuous Update mode refresh. The content will remain in the index unchanged until a full refresh of the entire collection is performed.
    The proper workflow for using Continuous Update mode with crawl filters is the following procedure:
    1. Complete an initial crawl with Verity or Oracle text filters.
    2. Translate the filters into SQL.
    3. Enable Continuous Update mode.
    Alternatively, you can do this procedure:
    1. Complete an initial crawl with SQL filters.
    2. Enable Continuous Update mode without modifying the filters.
    Note: The WebCenter Content connector only supports SQL filters in Continuous Update mode because it appends crawl filters to a "where" clause of a SQL query. This query is used to retrieve the updated dIDs. This SQL query is part of a customized service, which in turn is part of the server component (and included in the WebCenter Content connector bundle). The server component is required because the native Oracle API does not provide services or the typical interfaces expected to implement Continuous Update mode.
  • Test It and Continuous Update mode - When Continuous Update mode is enabled, it is not possible to do a Test it reliably because the connector will try to start the Continuous Update mode engine.
  • Access Lists - When no Access lists and/or Accounts are set on a content, the connector will only use the Security Group to determine who can access that content. That basically means that the connector assumes the WebCenter Content server setting AccessListPrivilegesGrantedWhenEmpty to be set to true, which is the default value.
  • Crawling Folders and Late-binding Proxy - When using late-binding proxy, crawling folders is not supported. Since folders do not have dID, they can't be tracked in the DocumentHistory table as the contents are.