Connection Type Options

This section provides the following configuration options:

  • Connection TypeConnection Type (optional) - The connection type to use to connect to the WebCenter Content server.If using web based connections you have to set the WebCenter Content Web URL below to the URL of the plugin servlet.If using socket based connections you have to define a trusted relation between the Content Server and the Watson™ Explorer Engine host. You do that by adding the IP address of the Watson Explorer Engine host to the SocketHostAddressSecurityFilter property in Content Server configuration (config.cfg). Make sure the firewall on the WebCenter Content server - if any - allows connections in the port specified by the Port parameter below (required when the Connection Type is SOCKET).
  • WebCenter Content Web URL (when Connection Type is WEB)WebCenter Content Web URL (when Connection Type is WEB) (optional) - The URL of the plugin servlet. This property is only relevant if WEB based connections are used. Example:
  • Port for Socket ConnectionsPort for Socket Connections (optional) - This parameter is only used if socket connection type is set. The socket port has to match the "IntradocServerPort" property located in the Content Server's config.cfg file.