Updating Conceptual Search Settings in Your Display

The display for a Watson™ Explorer Engine application controls how the results that are returned by your application are displayed. Additional capabilities are added to a Watson Explorer Engine display by some combination of adding display modules using the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool, by adding or customizing XSL code, and by setting variables within the display and its modules.

Support for the graphical dialog that is used by Watson Explorer Engine conceptual search to offer related or alternate terms is provided by the Query Expansion settings.

The project screen for the refinement-project project, shown in Figure 1, identifies the display for this project as the display refinement-display. Click this entry to open that display.

Note that the settings menu lists a Search > Query Expansion entry. Clicking this menu item displays the display settings that you can customize for this module, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Query Expansion Settings

The settings shown in Figure 1 provide good defaults for the graphical dialogs and on-screen labels associated with conceptual search, but can be changed to customize this information for specific applications.

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