Adding Saved Queries to a Display

About this task

Saved queries are a way for users to store a query for future use without having to remember or retype the query. This functionality is similar to bookmarking a page of search results, but since it is a feature within the application rather than the browser, it allows users to easily share their saved queries with others.

Saved queries work closely with folders annotations, so it is required that you have at least one set of folders in your application before you can add saved queries. In particular, the saved query functionality makes use of the same ICS collection that is used for folders. The Adding Folders to a Display explains how to set up an ICS collection and add a folder set to your display.

After you have added a folder set


  1. Return to the Settings tab of your display (for this tutorial, collab-tutorial-display.
  2. Select the Collaboration > Folders subsection.
  3. Click edit in the upper right corner
  4. Change the Query Saving enabled? setting to true.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
  6. Do a search in your application and check to see that a Save Query button appears in the upper right next to the Actions menu.

    See the section on Using a Collaborative Search Application for more information about how the end user display works.

    If you would like to change the text on the Save Query button in the end-user display

  7. Open your display to the Settings tab
  8. Select the Results > Actions subsection.

    You can edit the Actions menu: Save Query text setting to change the text for the button.


Note: When a query is saved, it is associated with one or more folders. Queries that have been saved are visible in the folders that they have been associated with only; they do not become part of the entire result set.

Proceed to Using a Collaborative Search Application.