Prerequisites for this Tutorial

The only prerequisite for this tutorial is the ability to create and understand projects, displays, and search collections. You must also know how to start a search collection crawl. Please see the Admin Tool Tutorial for an introduction to these concepts and procedures.

This tutorial enables you to annotate search results that are found in a search collection named example-metadata, which consists of information about a number of books. The sample files that are the source of the data for this search collection are shipped with Watson™ Explorer Engine to ensure that you have a convenient set of data to work with as you begin learning how to create applications using the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool.

Before beginning this tutorial, please make sure to:
  • Start the crawl for the collection example-metadata that is included in your installation.
  • Create a new project to work through this tutorial. The tutorial assumes you have named the project collab-tutorial; keep this in mind if you name your project something else.
  • Create a new display to work through this tutorial. The tutorial assumes you have named the display collab-tutorial-display; keep this in mind if you name your display something else.
  • Associate the project, search collection, and display by changing the project settings on the Components tab. Set Sources (default) to example-metadata, and Display to collab-tutorial-display.

Your project's Components tab should look like the one in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Prerequisite Project Settings

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to General Information about Annotations and Social Search Features.

Note: The outline provided in the following section is intended as a general checklist, not as a complete list of steps for this task. The complete list of steps are in the tutorial section following the overview.

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