Creating a Source


  1. Click the Add icon () beside the Sources entry in the left-hand Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool navigation bar to create a new source.

    A screen like the one shown in Figure 1 displays.

    Note: If you have already begun or completed this tutorial, you will not be able to add the source again. If the source already exists, click Sources in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool's left-hand menu, type green-search-Tutorial in the Name box, and click Submit to find your existing copy of this source.
    Figure 1. Creating a New Source
  2. Enter the source name green-search-Tutorial in the Name text entry area.

    For future reference, valid characters in Watson Explorer Engine source names are letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, colons, and periods.

    You have four choices for the type of source. Select Standalone to create the source for this tutorial. The other options are the following:

    • Bundle: Groups multiple sources under one name, simplifying submitting the same query to multiple sources.
    • Key Match: Enables you to specify terms that will receive special handling in the output of a query.
    • Template Reference: Enables you to leverage existing templates corresponding to widely-used search engines that take different options or are used on multiple sites. These provide a good starting point for subsequent customization.
  3. Click Add to create this source.

    A screen like the one shown in Figure 2 displays.

    Figure 2. The Initial Screen for a New Source


To proceed with this tutorial, click Creating a Form for Retrieving Results.