Creating an ICS collection

About this task

The Indexed Content Store (ICS) collection is a special kind of search collection that maintains results and saved queries that have been placed in folders. This allows Watson™ Explorer Engine to easily search and associate these folders and saved queries with results from the data collections.


  1. Create a new collection by clicking on the Add icon () beside the Search Collections entry in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool's left-side navigation bar.

    For the purposes of this tutorial, name the collection collab-tutorial-ics.

  2. Choose ics-default from the Copy defaults from drop-down. Click Add to create the collection.

    The ICS collection will be configured with the default ICS settings. When the ICS collection is created, a source of type collection is automatically created with the same name. However, when using an ICS collection to store folders, a source that is based on the ICS Source template must be used.

  3. Open the source either by clicking the Live Source link on the collection's Overview tab or selecting it from the list of sources by clicking the list icon next to Sources in the left-hand navigation bar and typing collab-tutorial-ics in the search box to find it.
  4. Delete the source collab-tutorial-ics by clicking delete in the upper right hand corner.

    You are not required to delete the automatically created source. You could just create another source and leave the default source in place, but deleting the automatically created one ensures that it cannot be mistakenly used (and also reduces the number of sources that you have configured).

  5. Recreate the source by clicking the Add icon () beside the Sources entry in the left-hand navigation bar.
  6. Give the source the same name, collab-tutorial-ics
  7. Choose Template Reference as the Source Type.
  8. Select ICS Source as the template.
  9. Click Add to create the source.
  10. Fill in the required value for ICS Collection with the name of your collection, collab-tutorial-ics.
  11. Set the Uses ACLs? setting to true.
  12. Click OK to save your changes.

    The ICS collection must be associated with your project in order to save the folder and query information.

  13. Open the project you are using for this application (in this tutorial, collab-tutorial).
  14. Select the Advanced tab and the Misc subtab.
  15. Click edit in the upper right corner of the header
  16. Scroll down to the Other section
  17. Find the Collection used to store folders and queries (variable ics-collection) setting.
  18. Enter the name of your ICS collection (for this tutorial, collab-tutorial-ics).
  19. Scroll back to the top
  20. Click OK to save your changes.


Note: If you do a search in your application at this point, you may see an error that says the index for collab-tutorial-ics is empty and not searchable. This is expected because you have not created any folders or saved queries yet.

Proceed to the Adding Folders to a Display to add folders.