Scheduled Tasks

To add a new scheduled task, from the Status tab, click Add new task. The following tasks can be scheduled:

  • Auto Update Repository - Automatically download and install updates for the repository nodes from the support server (or the server that is specified in the installation options).
  • Build a Dictionary - Build a Dictionary.
  • Build and email a report - Build the specified report and email it to one or more users. For more information, see Scheduling Automated Reporting.
  • Run alerts - Run alerts for one or all users.
  • Start a Search Collection crawl - Crawl a Search Engine collection by refreshing the existing crawl or starting a new crawl. For more information, see Scheduling a Crawl or Refresh.
  • Start the Query Service - Start the Search Engine Query Service if it is not running.
  • Stop a Search Collection crawl - Stop a Search Collection crawl.
  • Stop the Query Service - Stop the Search Engine Query Service if it is running.
  • Test a Source - Run all source tests for a source. If it is a bundle, also run the tests for the sources it contains.
  • Run a Watson™ Explorer Engine API Function - Run a specific Watson Explorer Engine API function. Any API function can be performed by the scheduler. Consult the API Developers Manual for a complete list of available API commands.
    Note: The scheduler supports starting a task and making sure it started correctly. After starting a job, the scheduler checks the return value for exception/error and will report that in the display, anything else is considered a success. Any content that is returned by a successful API command is not stored and therefore cannot be viewed.

Click Add. On the next page, enter the appropriate options for the task, and click OK.

Tasks do not run until you add at least one scheduled time.