Known Issues

  • SharePoint MySites Not Returned - If a user's ID is renamed in SharePoint, the SharePoint connector will not crawl that user's MySite.

    Workaround: If you are experiencing this problem, you should upgrade to the IO SharePoint connector.

    1. Edit the profile of the new user (i.e., changed user) in the Central Administration to rename the personal site URL to reflect the changed user name.
    2. Log on with the changed user account and create a MySite at MySite Host.
    3. Perform a backup by Exporting the OLD personal site.
    4. Import the OLD personal site content to the new (of changed user) personal site.
    5. Delete the OLD personal site.
    Note: IBM also offers an enhanced IO ("Information Optimized") SharePoint connector with additional crawling and refresh capabilities for SharePoint 2007 and later that is available separately and is discussed in detail in the "IO SharePoint Connector Users Guide". Contact IBM customer support or your IBM sales representative for information about this enhanced connector.