This element shows all the details of the source that was queried.

Table 1. Added-Source Node Description
Attribute Type Description
name Text Name of the source
display-name Text Name of the source that should be used in the display.
status Any of broken, disabled, ignore, queried, skipped-missing-variables, skipped-too-many, skipped-unsupported-syntax, or unknown. The status can be one of the listed status codes.
requested Non-negative integer Number of documents requested.
max Non-negative integer Maximum number of documents allowed.
total-results Non-negative integer Total number of results the source is reporting that it retrieved for the query.
retrieved Non-negative integer Number of documents retrieved successfully (after duplicates have been removed).


<added-source name="sample" display-name="Sample" \
  status="queried" requested="22" max="22" \
  total-results="45760000" retrieved="21">