Overriding Repository Nodes

Internal repository nodes that are designed to be customized can be modified like any other repository node.

About this task

You should rarely, if ever, need to modify a Watson™ Explorer Engine repository component that is not intended to be customized. These nodes are identified as such by the yellow diamond icon in the right-most column of a Watson Explorer Engine component list or by a yellow header when actually displaying or editing the component. However, should you need to do so, you can override an internal Watson Explorer Engine component by doing the following:


  1. Display the component in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool by selecting it from a list of that type of component or from the Quick Jump text area. The screen that displays the node identifies it as an INTERNAL VELOCITY NODE in yellow in the screen header, and display a yellow header to reinforce this fact.
  2. Click the override button in the upper right-hand corner. A warning dialog displays, explaining that overriding nodes is not recommended, and requesting confirmation. Click Override to proceed with overriding the node, or click Cancel to terminate the operation without doing making any changes.


Once overridden, repository nodes that were not intended to be overridden display the string OVERRIDES VELOCITY NODE in red in the screen header, and display a red header to reinforce this fact.