Configuring Peer Repositories - Server

To configure a Watson™ Explorer Engine installation as a peer repository server, do the following:

  1. Connect to the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool on the Watson Explorer Engine installation that you want to configure as a server, select the Management > Administration menu item and select the Installation tab on the screen that displays.
  2. Click edit, select the Watson Explorer Engine Peer Repository Server checkbox, and click OK.
  3. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Add ( to begin creating the user that clients will use to access the server's repository.
  4. Enter the login name of the new user and click OK to create the new user. We recommend using an obvious name such as peer-access for this account, to make it easy for other Watson Explorer Engine system administrators to recognize what this account is used for.
    Note: There is no correspondence between Watson Explorer Engine user accounts and system user accounts. The login name that you specify need not be the login name of an account on your system.
  5. On the screen that displays, enter the password for the peer repository access account, and re-enter it to ensure that you haven't made any typing errors. Click OK to save the new account.
  6. Click edit beside the Permissions label, and check the Peer Repository Download checkbox to grant systems that authenticate as this user the ability to download nodes from the repository on this server. If you also want other systems to be able to upload nodes to the repository on this server, check the Peer Repository Upload checkbox.
    Note: These permissions are only visible after the Watson Explorer Engine Peer Repository Server has been enabled for this Watson Explorer Engine installation. If you do not see these permissions, double-check that you enabled this option, as described at the beginning of this process.
  7. Click OK to save your changes to the permissions for this account.