Exporting and Saving Report Results

The Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool displays report results for a selected day or date range. This is handy if you're sitting in front of a screen, but not so useful for carrying around, discussing at meetings, forwarding via email, including in status reports, and so on.

Watson Explorer Engine supports the following output formats for both application and system reports:

  • CSV - a comma-separated values file, in which each result for each report item is presented on a single line. Each line is comprised of the different fields for that report item, separated from the next by a comma. Each report item is preceded by a single heading line. Multiple report items within the CSV file are separated from the next by a blank line.
  • Excel - a tab-separated values file suitable for importing into Microsoft Excel. The format of this file is very similar to that of the CSV file, except that the Tab character is used as a separator.
  • Printer-Friendly - a nicely-formatted, tabular HTML message that contains your report results. This is a slightly enhanced version of the HTML that is generated for sending report results via email.
  • XML - an XML file in VXML format. Each report item is a single report-item node that contains one or more result elements.

To send the current report results as email, enter the email address to which you want to send them in the Email this report to: field at the bottom of the report creation screen, and click Send.

To save a copy of your report in any of the other formats, select the target output format from the drop-down list in the upper right-hand corner of the report creation screen, and click Export. The Printer-Friendly format displays in the current browser window; all other formats will be handled in the way that your browser specifies for that type of file.

To proceed to the next section of this tutorial, click Scheduling Automated Reporting.