Using Watson Explorer Engine Built-In Reports

Watson™ Explorer Engine provides a number of built-in application and system reports. In many cases, you will not need to create your own reports, but can simply run existing reports (as described in Running Reports) after enabling data collection for the report items that they contain (described in Activating Report Data Collection in Watson Explorer Engine).

The built-in application reports provided by Watson Explorer Engine are the following:

  • Click Summary (Internal name click-summary)
  • Latest Queries (Internal name latest-queries)
  • Queries Per Source (Internal name queries-per-source)
  • Source Summary (Internal name source-summary)
  • Spelling Corrections (Internal name spelling-corrections)
  • Top Clicked Clusters (Internal name top-clicked-clusters)
  • Top Clusters (Internal name top-clusters)
  • Top IP Addresses (Internal name top-ip-addresses)
  • Top IP Addresses over time (Internal name top-ip-summary)
  • Top Queries (Internal name top-queries)
  • Top Referring URLs (Internal name top-referring-urls)
  • Top URLs (Internal name top-urls)
  • Zero-Document Queries (Internal name zero-doc-queries)

The built-in system reports provided by Watson Explorer Engine are the following:

  • API-based system messages (Internal name api-system-reporting-all)
  • Alert Service (Internal name system-reporting-alerts)
  • All System Errors (Internal name system-errors)
  • All System Messages (Internal name system-reporting-all)
  • Scheduler Service (Internal name system-reporting-scheduler)
  • Source Testing (Internal name system-reporting-source-testing)

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