Configuring Refinements in Your Source

About this task

As discussed in Associating a Source with the New Project, the project created for this tutorial is already associated with a specific source, binning-collection. In order to use refinements with this source, you must activate some settings in the Form for this source.


  1. Open the binning-collection source

    This is the name of the source associated with the search collection that you created in the previous tutorial.

    Tip: To open a source, click the List icon () beside the Sources entry in the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool's left-hand menu. Next, type the name of the source in the search box or select it from the list. Press the Return key or click Select to open that source.
  2. Select the source's Form tab
  3. Click Edit beside the VSE Source Form label.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Binning section of this screen

    This should look something like Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Configuring Refinements for Your Source

    If you are going to be using graphical refinements, select double from the Binning mode drop-down list. This variable should only be selected if you are doing graphical refinements; if you are using tree refinements, selecting double will cause your application to perform additional calculations that are not being used. The Binning mode determines the type of refinement calculations that will be done for each search that uses this source. The default value, normal, only generates information about the refinements that are relevant to the current set of search results. Specifying double causes the form to always calculate both the refinement values for the current set of results, as filtered by the refinement(s) you have selected, and the entire set of search results for your query. This typically improves the usability of refinements by displaying the current refinements within the visual context of the entire spectrum of results that were returned for your query by a search collection.

  5. Once you have set the Binning mode value, click OK to accept and save this change.


After configuring binning within the source used to query your search collection, the final step in basic binning is to configure binning within the Display that is used to show the results of your queries and to show the bins themselves.

To proceed with the next step of the binning tutorial, click Using Display Components for Refinements.