Creating a Project for This Tutorial

About this task

Watson™ Explorer Engine uses projects as containers for different applications, enabling you to create multiple applications that share underlying components but which use very different configurations. Each project contains variable and option settings, including references to a default source (which may itself reference a specific search collection), default XSL code that controls how results are displayed, default input forms, and so on. (See the Projects section of the online documentation for more detailed information about projects.)

Watson Explorer Engine includes a sample project known as query-meta, which is itself based on a standard Watson Explorer Engine project called core. For example, the Tutorial: Using Metadata for Searching, Sorting, and Filtering created a search collection called binning-collection that, by default, was associated with the query-meta project.

Because this tutorial makes changes to how your search results are displayed, it uses its own project in order not to over-write any changes that you may already have made to the default display XSL used by the query-meta project. To create a new project


  1. Click the Add icon () beside the Project item in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool.

    This displays a screen like the one shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Creating a New Project
  2. Enter refinement-project as the Name of your project
  3. Select core, which is the default selection, as the project on which the new project should be based
  4. Click Add.

    This displays a default screen for the new project, which should look much like the screen shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2. The Initial Screen for a New Project


To proceed with the next step of this tutorial, click Associating a Source with the New Project.