Associating the Source and Display with a Project

About this task

After the project has been created, the Components tab of the new project will be displayed. The components of the new project have already been populated with the default values that were inherited from the core project. To proceed with this tutorial, you will need to change the Display and Sources (default) components for this project.

To change the display component


  1. Click the Edit button on the row labeled Display.
  2. Type the name of the display that you created (autocomplete-tutorial-display) into the Display XSL field
  3. Click OK.

    A project collects results from a search collection by using a source. When a search collection is created, a live source with the same name is automatically created. For this tutorial, the automatically created source is appropriate. To add the example-metadata source to your project

  4. Click the Edit on the row labeled Sources (default)
  5. Enter example-metadata into the Default sources field
  6. Click OK.

    Your completed project components screen will look like Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Completed Autocomplete Project


The simple search application is now complete: it can be queried and it will return results. If you wish to test the application, click the Project: autocomplete-tutorial-project link in the left-side navigation bar. This will bring up the default query screen as shown in Figure 2. At this point, a standard query can be performed, but autocomplete is not yet available.

Figure 2. The Default Query Screen

If you want to learn more about projects, consider reading the Projects (I) tutorial.

To proceed to the next section, click Creating an Autocomplete Dictionary.